Course: Practical Applications of Tarot Cards and Images in Clinical Setting

Module 2. Group Setting.

Explore the symbolic world of Tarot cards, learning to harness their power in group clinical and non-clinical settings with expert guidance from Karen Carnabucci, USA.



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What are Tarot Cards in Therapeutic Imagery?

In therapeutic contexts, Tarot cards are a curated collection of 78 visual symbols, utilized not just for their historical divination purposes but as tools for introspection, dialogue, and therapeutic insight. Each card, intricately designed, serves as a mirror to the subconscious, enabling clients and therapists to tap into underlying emotions, beliefs, and narratives. When interpreted in therapeutic scenarios, the cards can facilitate deep emotional exploration, open pathways for personal growth, and foster an understanding of intricate life themes and lessons. Their visual nature makes them especially powerful in drawing out responses rooted in personal symbolism and meaning.

Step into the world of Tarot, exploring its multifaceted therapeutic applications in group settings. This video module unravels the intricacies of Tarot cards, teaching you their symbolic meanings and their practical use in group therapeutic scenarios. Whether a seasoned therapist or someone embarking on a journey of self-discovery, this module provides a deep dive into the therapeutic potential of Tarot in group settings.

This module is designed for:

Psychodramatists, psychologists, therapists, social workers, and those passionate about personal development, keen on venturing into the transformative world of Tarot cards.

How and where to use:

In group settings, both clinical and non-clinical, to facilitate introspection, guidance, and therapeutic exploration.

Learning Objectives:

• Distinguish between situations where the Tarot deck is suitable versus when other imagery methods are more appropriate.

• Implement Tarot card choices based on the distinct requirements of group therapeutic sessions.

Module Highlights:
• Harnessing Tarot for Group Therapy: Understand the dynamics of using Tarot cards in group therapeutic sessions.

• Symbolic Dive: Engage deeply with the intricate symbols of the Tarot deck tailored for group interactions.

• Ethical Navigation: Learn to address potential ethical challenges that might arise during group Tarot sessions.

• Creating Safe Therapeutic Environments: Leverage Tarot symbols to build an emotionally secure environment for group sessions.

• Engaging Video Content: Benefit from 33 minutes of insightful video lectures and 76 minutes of real-life demonstrations.

• Comprehensive Handouts: Equip yourself with 39 minutes of detailed handouts to enhance your grasp of Tarot concepts and techniques.

• Knowledge Assessment: Evaluate your understanding with a 30-minute test and provide feedback through a quick 5-minute course survey.


Karen Carnabucci, LCSW, TEP, is a recognized licensed clinical social worker and a nationally board-certified expert in the domain of psychodrama, sociometry, and group psychotherapy. Karen stands proud as the founder of the Lancaster School of Psychodrama and Experiential Psychotherapies. Notably, Karen is the author of “Show and Tell Psychodrama: Skills for Therapists, Coaches, Teachers, Leaders,” and has co-authored several significant works in the realm of experiential psychotherapies.

Module Includes:

Main Content:

• Videos - 109 min

• Handouts - 39 min

• Test - 30 min

• Course Survey- 5 min

Recommended Content: 

• Self-Practicum- 50 min

Certificate & Continuing Education:

• 3.5 Hours on Action Exploration Education Certificate (applicable for Psychodrama certification)

• 3.5 Hours on CE

Information on Continuing Education Credits

Psychodrama professional certification training hours: 

• American Board of Examiners - ABE accepts a maximum of 120 training hours for psychodrama distance learning. This module/course will count as asynchronous distance learning as long as the primary trainer approves it.

• Psychodrama Association for Europe e.V. - We are working on getting board approval and will update this information shortly. 

• International Boards: You may be able to submit this certificate to your local Psychodrama board. Please contact your respective local board for information.

To obtain Psychodrama training hours:

a) Pass the test with at least 75% correct

b) Fill in the survey 

Experiential training hours: 

• International Society of Experiential Professionals: ISEP accepts experiential training hours administered by a TEP trainer. More information will be provided shortly. 

CEs. Pennsylvania, Wisconsin. Social workers, Marriage and Family Therapists and Professional Counselors:

Karen Carnabucci, LCSW, TEP, Companions In Healing and the Lancaster School of Psychodrama and Experiential Psychotherapies are approved by the Pennsylvania State Board of Social Workers, Marriage and Family Therapists and Professional Counselors to offer continuing education for social workers, marriage and family therapists and professional counselors according to Pennsylvania Board Approval #004002.

The Pennsylvania State Board of Psychology has approved continuing education programs with License #PSY000216.

The Wisconsin State Board approves CE credits for social workers, MFTs and LPCs Provider #6834-123.

Karen Carnabucci, Companions In Healing and the Lancaster School of Psychodrama and Experiential Psychotherapies maintain responsibility for the programs. 

Other Disciplines:

• You may be able to submit this certificate for credits in other mental health disciplines. Please contact your local board for information.

Practical Applications of Tarot Cards and Images in Clinical Setting. 2 Modules

This 2 module course on Practical Applications of Tarot Cards and Images in Clinical Setting demonstrates how to work with images using Tarot cards in a clinical and non-clinical individual and group setting. Tarot is a visual deck of cards, representing the full cycle of a personal growth journey ranging from the Fool Card, a.k.a. Zero Card, all the way to the Infinity Card, a.k.a. World Card.  

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